Easter Eggs

My daughter will be 3 this Easter and old enough to hunt for eggs, but what kind? She’s not ready to dye real eggs (and I’m a little nervous about that anyways, ever since my grandparents found a particularly well-hidden egg about 6 months after Easter.)

Plastic eggs full of candy are fun, until you start finding the plastic shards a sugar-high toddler has spread all over the house. In the end I decided to knit some eggs. I used this free pattern and made 6 adorable eggs. I used leftover yarn from my sock yarn stash so the whole project didn’t cost me anything but time.

Happy Easter!

Our ‘Working’ Dog

Several years ago I finally convinced my husband that we were ready for a dog. We had gone into a pet store during an animal adoption event and I fell in love with this ridiculous big eared creature. Lucy is my vicious guard beast, a fearsome lizard hunter, and cuddle monster extraordinaire. She also adores my daughter and considers her security to be her number one job. She weighs about 20lbs and stands just over 12 inches high.

I’m kidding about the working part. She’s super lazy.

Around Our Property

Last year we bought just over 2 acres in rural San Bernardino County, CA. It has certainly been an adjustment and we are still trying to figure out what to do with all this space. I’m sure we’ll manage to fill it up eventually. Right now I’m just enjoying the wildlife that stops by and not hearing every sneeze my neighbors make.

We have several joshua trees.
Having rented so long means a lot of container gardening.
One of the large trees on the property.
My daughter’s rose bush has started waking up.
The shed my husband built and is so very proud of.
More containers on the rickey movable garden shelves. I’m looking forward to putting up something more permanent.
The wet winter we’ve had means buds on the joshua trees.
The south facing view.

Where I’m Going

Over the years I’ve had some pretty uncomfortable living situations. The place with mold and the one where the floor was rotting out from under us were particularly dire. I’ve lived with holes in the walls, annoying neighbors, and tiny outdoor spaces. For years I’ve dreamed about the perfect home. Not just a house, but a home. Books about finding or building a place to call your own were among my favorites as a child and through all the rentals and temporary places I held onto the dream of creating my own home someday.

This past year my tiny family and I have finally been able to buy a place of our own. Since I’ve spent so long dreaming about this home it’s not surprising that I have a lot of ideas about what I want this place to be. I want a garden, full of flowers and food. I need handcrafted beauty all around me. I want my kitchen to be full of healthy and delicious foods. I want all this to be as sustainable and green as possible. This blog is to document my efforts to reach these goals and to some extent hold me accountable. Feel free to join me.